Worried about the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate? 

First Advantage’s ACA Advantage Enterprise Service edition provides your business with the tools and analysis to restore calm to your day!

With ACA Advantage, we harness the power of your “big data,” allowing you to efficiently track and monitor employee hours, determine which employees must be offered coverage, and compile and aggregate massive amounts of data for IRS reporting and audit documentation.

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Features of ACA Advantage

Allows you to see who is trending towards benefits eligibility throughout the Measurement Periods and identify employees eligible for coverage under the ACA regulations.

Easy to see at any moment in time who qualifies or is on track to qualify for an offer of coverage and help you forecast insurance costs and penalty risk.

  • Monitor actual hours worked by variable hour employees during the applicable measurement period
  • Identify  employees that are approaching the 130 hour per month threshold
  • Recognize those employees that have exceeded the 130 hour threshold

Drill Down into your Organizational Structure ACA Advantage allows your clients to drill down into information specific to their OU structure from headquarters to store/location levels.  The drill down functionality of ACA Advantage allows you and your clients to view activity from the overall  company level down to the individual business location or unit.

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"With over a thousand locations and more than 50,000 employees, the ability to view individual levels of our company structure, to be able to see employees at specific locations and know where individuals for ACA purposes within seconds saves us a lot of headache.”

Large National Retail Company